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Wed Dec 30, 2009 6:44 pm
Thành viên bạc
Thành viên bạc
Join date : 19/09/2009

Bài gửiTiêu đề: Chuyên Anh dịch dùm nhaz! Tui hiểu nhưng còn hơi mù!
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Narutothinks you are an awesome person and a strong ninja (you always used to stick up for him like a sister)
Sasukealmost killed Naruto when he kissed you on the cheek. Tries to avoid you because he thinks you make him weak; when you are around he loses his cool, his heart beat increases. What is happening to him?
Saican't get rid of you. You made it your mission to make him feel. You have succeeded more than several times but Sai doesn't let you know. Either because he doesn't want to admit he can feel or because he knows you would leave if he told you...
Gaarabelieves you are his only friend, maybe more, if only he could define those strange feelings that consume him when you are around
Nejiwants to spar with you to see how his byakugan would fair with your blood line
Shikamaruthinks you are strong, cool, and hot but he can't bother to win your heart because there are already too many guys going after it and it's just too troublesome
Kibathinks you are funny after he invited you to his place and you asked his mother and sister which one was his dad
Shinoconsidered you a friend so he showed you his bug collection. He was amazed that you actually knew more than half of them. He didn't tell you but he likes you a lot.
Kakashithinks you are a great student, although you don't like teamwork you look after your teammates and are very strong with much potential
Kabutoasked Orochimaru if he'd allow him to have you, but he refused telling him he wasn't willing to share
Orochimaruwants your body, fuck Sasuke!
Itachithinks you are his and tends to visit you whenever he can, preferably while you are taking a shower
Kisameis afraid of you ever since you tried to make a stew out of him while he was asleep
Deidarais leaving you hickeys on strangest of places
Sasoriwants to be with you. You refuse each time telling him he should have asked before he made himself into a puppet

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Chuyên Anh dịch dùm nhaz! Tui hiểu nhưng còn hơi mù!

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